The Human Factor

Asher Dev

Software Developer

Dozens of applications developed to a spread of finishes, Proof of concept, Highly polished, and everything in-between, download via application.

Asher Vid

Video Editor

Quick Cut, Final Cut, Short Films, Documentaries, Adverts, Music & Video Clips, Low budget, no budget, hobbyist, credited and uncredited.

Asher Web

Web Developer

Websites, from the ground up, or developed with CMS technologies, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, or BootStrap templates know the strengths & weaknesses.

Asher Net

Network Engineer

Network Management is a serious issue, many companies think they have it under control, without the proper skills onboard, it is an incomprehensible minefield.

Mr Asher Lee - Australian actually, British descent...

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Recent Projects

Mac OS X and iOS, The programing section here has a few samples of my work for your perusal. Generally the work is not given away so if you would like any of the app's please contact me acordigly.

From 2400 Baud Dialup and Mobile Daat Services, to DSL and Fibre Technology. With Hubs, Switches, Gateways, Bridges, Rotuers, Tunnels, IP, TCP, UDP, VPN, The list is endless.

Two very important words in IT that are governed by so much more than any IT department has ever envisiged, Bring Your Own Device (BOYD), and Mobile Device Management (MDM) are important, beyond beliefe!

From Sarbanes Oxley to Data Sovriginty and beyond, the very important world of compliance and responsibility is an administrative nightmare! I am happy to help you navigate what would otherwise be a minefield.

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